Long Beach Poly HS Lacrosse is entering its first year as a CIF sport this 2017 season! We have players being recruited from colleges and getting scholarship offers. We are achieving our goals of: Teaching life skills through sport, and Exposing student athletes to higher learning opportunities. Thus, LBP Lacrosse seeks to raise $5,000 in donations and grants to fund the program for the year through Monetary Donations, Corporate Sponsorship, and Equipment Donations.

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IT’S EASY TO DONATE ONLINE!  100% of all donations go to Long Beach Poly Lacrosse.  Each donation will receive a tax deduction receipt with Long Beach Poly Lacrosse Booster Club 501(c)3 Tax ID Number. Donors will also receive updates on the program.  You may donate online via PayPal button below with a major credit card:


Market to an audience while supporting sport and education!  Our Long Beach families are your customers, and we have great opportunities to reach out to them, from advertising, web/social media, events, etc.  Your tax deductible contribution creates a deeper connection with the community than most traditional opportunities.  To learn more, email to request our Corporate Donation & Sponsorship Kit.


LBP Lacrosse would greatly appreciate any in-kind equipment and services donations. Lacrosse equipment, team equipment, travel vans, balls, etc. are all helpful to reduce our costs and run the program.

Click here to download the donation form.  Once filled out and donation is received, a LB Poly representative will sign and fax or email the form back to you.


The Opportunity:  Providing for Positive Lacrosse Experiences. 
Poly is 86.6% non-Caucasian.  The school’s average median household income is $31,244, or 38% lower than the average of all of Long Beach.  As a Donor, you have the opportunity to give these athletes a platform for character development, and possibly even an added avenue for college.  At the very least, these boys and girls will enjoy positive lacrosse experiences with their extracurricular time.

Background:  The “Sports School of the Century” Now Has Lacrosse!
 Long Beach Polytechnic High School, founded in 1895, is a large urban high school with over 5,000 students. Poly is the flagship high school of the Long Beach Unified School District and has long been distinguished in both academics and athletics, boasting more total University of California admissions than any other high school in California.
ESPN has declared Poly High School to have one of the top ten sports programs in the nation. In 2005, Sports Illustrated Magazine named Polytechnic the “Sports School of the Century”, applauding its badminton, baseball, basketball, football, track, cross country, swimming, water polo, tennis, golf, soccer, and softball teams.  Long Beach Poly has also sent more players to the NFL than any other high school in the country (60).

 And now, we hope to expand this greatness in tradition to lacrosse.

Please make a donation, as every bit of support helps:

You may also mail checks or deliver goods to: 
Poly LAX Booster Club, c/o Julia Gough,3201 E. 19th St.,Signal Hill, CA 90755
Please make all checks payable to Long Beach Poly Lacrosse Booster Club.